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Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses is "the" Spanish childrenswear brand from the moment! Store of Daydreams had always next to the childeren's fashion collection the Bobo Choses maison collection on stock. Bobo Choses was launched in 2008. The designers Laia Aguilar and Adriana Esperalba have designed a children's clothing line which is simple in shape, but quite unique and cool in terms of prints and colors. Bobo Choses is a unique children's clothing brand with an artistic touch. Store of Daydreams is always so in love with the collections of Bobo Choses!

Min: €0 Max: €150

Golden Tights

Golden Tights - Bobo Choses Color : gold

€28,00 €21,00

Juanola Foulard

€49,00 €36,75

Foulard Doves

Foulard Doves - BOBO CHOSES A nice big scarfof BOBO CHOSES. This ' Foulard Doves' is pink and has a black print of drawn doves with wings wich are a little bit round. The scarf is 'one size'. Color: Pink / Black Material: 100% Cotton ...

€39,00 €29,25

Schoolbag Wandering Desk - BOBO CHOSES

Schoolbag Wandering Desk - BOBO CHOSES This backpack of BOBO CHOSES is a good size for a schoolbag, but is also perfect to bring for a sleep over! The ' Schoolbag Wandering Desk' is blue/grey and has a print of all different form, in all differ...

€89,00 €66,75

Baby Tracksuit Bunnies AO

Baby Tracksuit Bunnies AO - Bobo Choses Color : red

€39,00 €29,25

Baby Sweatshirt Magic Powders

Baby Sweatshirt Magic Powders - Bobo Choses Color : navy

€49,00 €36,75

Baby Sweatshirt Hand Trick - BOBO CHOSES

Baby Sweatshirt Hand Trick - BOBO CHOSES This Baby Sweatshirt ' Hand trick' of BOBO CHOSES has a print of a hand trick, that means that the thumb is a little bird! The sweater has long sleeves has two snaps which makes it easier to dress yo....

€49,00 €36,75

Baby T-Shirt Bts Imp. Glasses - BOBO CHOSES

Baby T-Shirt Bts Imp. Glasses - BOBO CHOSES This Baby T-Shirt ' Glasses' of BOBO CHOSES is creme white and has a big print of blue and red glasses with eyes on the front! The t-shirt has long sleeves an a round neck and there are three white b....

€32,00 €24,00

Coat Bunnies AO

Coat Bunnies AO - Bobo Choses

€189,00 €141,75

Spotted Blue Tights

Spotted Blue Tights - Bobo Choses Color : navy / red

€28,00 €21,00

Vertical Multicolour Tights Pink

Vertical Multicolour Tights Pink - Bobo Choses Color : pink / black

€28,00 €21,00

Jumper Constellation

Jumper Constellation - Bobo Choses Color : blue / creme

€59,00 €44,25

Juanola Blouse

Juanola Blouse - Bobo Choses Color : black / white

€69,00 €51,75

Princess Dress Constellation

Princess Dress Constellation - Bobo Choses Color : navy / black

€89,00 €66,75

T-Shape Dress Diamond Sky

T-Shape Dress Diamond Sky - Bobo Choses Color : orange / pink

€69,00 €51,75

Flared Skirt Diamond Sky

Flared Skirt Diamond Sky - Bobo Choses Color : orange / pink

€49,00 €36,75

Jumping Rabbit Dress Navy

Jumping Rabbit Dress Navy - Bobo Choses Color : navy

€69,00 €51,75

Jumping Rabbit Dress Pink

Jumping Rabbit Dress Pink - Bobo Choses Color : pink

€69,00 €51,75

Jumping Rabbit Sweatshirt Pink

Jumping Rabbit Sweatshirt Pink - Bobo Choses Color : pink / oker yellow

€69,00 €51,75
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