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Store of Daydreams is an official Le Toy Van dealer. At Le Toy Van wooden toys set the scene for idyllic childhood adventures. Le Toy Van toys are designed to stimulate creative & social play, inspiring imagination to promote learning, maximum play value and a sense of well-being for a happy childhood. 

Min: €0 Max: €55

My Handy Tool Belt

My Handy Tool Belt - Le Toy Van Very handy. A fabric tool belt (fastened with velcro). It includes a screwdriver, a hammer, nuts and bolts plus a squeezy oil can. A great complement to the LE TOY VAN My First Toolbench. For ages 3+ Various

€27,95 €20,00

Sunny Farm Animal

Sunny Farm Animal - Le Toy Van Farm Friends A set of 9 painted wooden animals. Scaled for Le Toy Van farms. For ages 3+ Various

€25,95 €20,00

Farm 4 x 4

Farm 4 x 4 - Le Toy Van Farm vehicle with removable roof plus detachable trailer and hay bales. Animals and characters sold separately. For ages 3+ Size : 11x35x12

€30,95 €22,00

Hog and Hen Set

Hog and Hen Set - Le Toy Van A delightful painted wooden play set which includes a hen-house,a haybale, 2 pigs, 2 piglets and 3 chickens plus movable fences. Mouted on a detailed baseboard.Complete with Budkin farm boy Jimmy. For ages 3+ Size ...

€49,95 €40,00

Stable Set with Horse

Stable Set with Horse - Le Toy Van A painted woden stables set with an opening stable door, a tool-station with tol, haybales and movable fences. Mouted on an illustrated baseboard complete with Budkin Horse and riding girl Polly. One of the 4 Bud...

€49,95 €40,00

Yellow Barn Set

Yellow Barn Set - Le Toy Van A painted wooden Yellow cow shed with a cow & calf, a feeding station, a whhel barrow and movable fences. Mouted on an illustrasted baseboard complete with Budkin Rosie, the farmer's wife. One of the 4 Budkin farm pla...

€49,95 €40,00

Blue Barn Set

Blue Barn Set - Le Toy Van A painted wooden little barn set with a blue haybarn,a moving winch with magnetic haybales, a sheep and two lambs, a ladder and movable fences plus Bertie the Budkin farmer.All mouted on a baseboard. One of the 4 Budkin ...

€49,95 €40,00


Trebuchet - Le Toy Van A classic trebuchet : this painted wooden trebuchet has a wind-up /pull back mechanism to launch the wooden cannon balls. For ages 3+ Size : 12x13.5x20

€14,95 €10,00

Pirate Adventure!

Pirate Adventure! - Le Toy Van Pirate fun! A fun wooden pirate pack with row boat , treasure chest, palm tree, barrel and shark. Complete with Budkin Captain For ages 3+

€39,95 €30,00

Barbarossa Pirate Ship

Barbarossa Pirate Ship - Le Toy Van Sail the seven seas with the Barbarossa Pirate Ship from Le Toy Van.The classic black painted wooden pirate ship with a skull and crossed swords motif on the fabric sails. Features include; a crow's nest,a 'wa...

€64,95 €55,00