Another test blog post

Another test blog post

Daniël Kooij

Sep 14, 2023

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The new SS17 collection by Louise Misha is available in store and online! No more words needed, we're totally in love with everything, it's so beautiful! Check out everything here.


In 2019, during our last trip to China, we visited our workshops to prepare our collections. Every time we visit, our heart sinks as we walk pass the fabrics of our previous collections, preserved like relics of our past seasons.

Upcycled collection

The desire to give this sleeping raw material a second life became more and more apparent and, becoming unsustainable, we had a click. What if, in order to fight against waste and at the same time support our workshops by providing them with an additional activity during the in-between collections, we launched a new kind of collection thanks to upcycling?

An idea that we had to let mature because of the health crisis, but this year we made this project one of our priorities. That's why today we are very proud to present you our little upcycled capsule! And not just any capsule... The first one that contains a delicious sense of nostalgia but also a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

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Where do you find your inspiration for your style? 

Everywhere, on the streets, social media, and I love to get inspired by the countries I travel to. One day I’ll dress like a true Parisienne, the next day I’ll be inspired by a citytrip to New York and wear a more urban street style look. I believe a look truly comes to life once you bring something vintage or antique into it. By combining modern items with vintage pieces, you tell a story and it creates depth, whether that’s in your home, clothing, or jewellery. Between 60 and 70% of my wardrobe is vintage, and any items I no longer wear, I give another life by reselling them. That’s how I curate to personal collection.