After gaining years of experience as an eyewear designer, I noticed a gap in the market specifically for children's eyewear. This realization led me to establish Cream in April 2021, with a clear mission in mind: to offer sustainable and protective eyewear that safeguards the vision of future generations. Our commitment lies in producing eyewear through environmentally responsible methods, ensuring affordability and sustainability without compromising on style and quality.

Our primary objective is to create frames that provide an impeccable fit for children's faces worldwide, offering superior eye protection and unmatched comfort. Every Cream product undergoes extensive testing in accordance with European standards (EN 1836:205 and ISO 12312-1) and proudly bears the CE/UKCA certification label. We exclusively collaborate with partners who share our unwavering ethical values.

While we take pride in our current production process, we acknowledge that it is not yet flawless or entirely planet-friendly. However, we remain dedicated to continually improving and striving towards a more sustainable future.

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