Tiny Cottons

TinyCottons, a family company, was established in December 2012 when Barb Bruno and Gerard Lazcano decided to bring a fresh approach to the kids' business. They set out to create a brand that offers high-quality products primarily made in Europe, treating it with the same attention and care as adult brands. Their style is both stylish and daring, with a strong brand image and captivating stories behind each collection that engage children, impart knowledge, and create lasting memories. The vibrant and culturally rich city of Barcelona serves as a constant source of inspiration, with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, artistic heritage, green spaces, and a diverse range of companies that motivate them to improve every day. The creative process of TinyCottons involves drawing, painting, cutting, and gluing, embracing the freedom of a child's mind. They embrace a bold and lighthearted attitude, crafting a unique and distinctive identity. With every season, they unveil a new narrative and share a powerful message. Books and travels play significant roles in shaping their creations.

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