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Bien Fait Beatrice Alemagna LAPIN

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Bien Fait Beatrice Alemagna LAPIN

Beatrice Alemagna LAPIN - Bien Fait

Three candid and tender creatures by the acclaimed author-illustrator Beatrice Alemagna, only available chez Bien Fait.

Bespoke creation : Bien Fait  & Store of Daydreams made-to-measure service enables us to produce customized wallpaper to cover any surface, with no constraints in terms of height or width.

This wallpaper comes in single strips of W 44,1 x H 110,2 inches. Pack dimensions: W 44,1 x H 78,7 inches. Bespoke sizes possible.

Special blends of natural materials makes this Wallpaper washable. To care for your wallpaper, we advise to gently wash with mild soap and a cloth. 

Bien Fait feels strongly about the environmental issues and our paper is certified FSC, and PVC free. We print using water based safe inks, totally odor free.

We also don’t use any plastic material for wrapping.