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Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini is a very unique, urban Swedish childern's wear brand that was founded in 2006 by the illustrator Cassandra Rhodin. Her biggest inspiration for Mini Rodini is her own youth, horor films and vintage clothes. The unique style of Mini Rodini is what we like! Mini Rodini takes childeren seriously with playfulness, meaning that it's important that childeren too have clothes that mtach perfectly with their own personality, style, mood and creativity. Each Mini Rodini childern's collections is made of excellent quality and quirky design and Mini Rodini creates clothes that parents want to dress their kids in, and that kids love to wear it! Store of Daydreams is a big fan of Mini Rodini, so that's why we have a big collection of this cool brand. Mini Rodini starts at size 50 up to size 140-146. 

Min: €0 Max: €150

Denim Parka Vintage

Denim Parka Vintage - Mini Rodini A classic loose fit parka made of unlined and vintage-washed denim fabric by Mini Rodini. The vintage denim jacket by Mini Rodini has a faux leather panda patch at one of the sleeves and two pockets with gold-colo...


Frog Sp Swimshorts Navy

Frog Sp Swimshorts Navy - Mini Rodini


Daisy Baby Swimpants Dark Green

Daisy Baby Swimpants Dark Green - Mini Rodini


Unicorn Star Wing Swimsuit Red

Unicorn Star Wing Swimsuit Red - Mini Rodini


Lion Emb Cap Light Green

Lion Emb Cap Light Green - Mini Rodini


Unicorn Emb Cap Red

Unicorn Emb Cap Red - Mini Rodini


Blossom Sun Cap Pink

Blossom Sun Cap Pink - Mini Rodini


Blossom Sun Hat Pink

Blossom Sun Hat Pink - Mini Rodini


Stripe Sun Cap Blue

Stripe Sun Cap Blue - Mini Rodini


Stripe Sun Hat Blue

Stripe Sun Hat Blue - Mini Rodini


Leopard Sunglasses Beige

Leopard Sunglasses Beige - Mini Rodini


Solid Round Sunglasses Red

Solid Round Sunglasses Red - Mini Rodini


Leopard Round Sunglasses Beige

Leopard Round Sunglasses Beige - Mini Rodini


Garden Bag Off White

Garden Bag Off White - Mini Rodini


Panda Baby Sock White

Panda Baby Sock White - Mini Rodini


Frog Backpack Green

Frog Backpack Green - Mini Rodini

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