Les Coyotes de Paris

LCDP is for the girl who knows her own mind and embraces a cool and unique style. She seeks clothes that reflect her personality and exudes that perfect je-ne-sais-quoi attitude, capturing the essence of the true Parisian spirit. The LCDP girl invests in a personal wardrobe that goes beyond fast fashion and stands the test of time.

With a modern and discerning eye, the brand places a strong emphasis on silhouettes, fabrics, and intricate details. Studio-developed prints and high-quality fabrics play a pivotal role in our work, creating an eclectic and captivating visual experience.

LCDP represents a vibrant teen community seen through diverse perspectives and cultures. It is a platform for self-expression and a voice that celebrates each individual's unique personality. Join the #LCDPGIRLS movement and let your style speak volumes.

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